From 01.01.2022, only Stage V IWP / IWA certified engines may be installed in inland waterway vessels.

Our current range consists of JCB engines.

Propulsion engines from 55kW to 129kW
Generator engines with mechanical displacement from 56kW to 69kW
Generator engines with common rail displacement 55kW, 80kW, 88kW, 93kW, 110kW

JCB Power Systems is a world leader in diesel engine design,
design, development, manufacture and marketing.



DieselMax (430) 55kW (74hp) Stage V IPU RM_V2

DieselMax (430) 55kW (74hp) Stage V IPU TM_V2

DieselMax 81kW (109hp) Stage V IPU_V2

DieselMax 97kW (130hp) Stage V IPU_V2

DieselMax 112kW (150hp) Stage V IPU_V2

DieselMax 129kW (173hp) Stage V IPU_V2