Marine engine maintenance and production

What should we do if our ship's engine stalls, smokes, clicks? Well, it is highly advisable to have the repairs done by a competent service center. We have been dealing with boats for many years, so we have a huge amount of experience with various technical faults. Also well prepared for maintenance work, so our team undertakes minor-to-large cleaning tasks and parts replacement for long-life, trouble free shipping!

Design and development of gas engines

Our company undertakes the design of new gas engines and the development and modernization of existing gas engines.
Our specialists have more than 16 years of experience in the design, development and operation of gas engines.

The most important features of the gas engines we have developed and modernized:

  • Lower gas consumption compared to origynal condition 
  • Lower emissions compared to original conditions
  • Regulable gas / air mixing ratio depending on load
  • Feasibility of dual gas plant: natural gas / biogas
  • Power and blend control for biogas engines with CH4 content (requires continuous CH4 measurement)
  • Eliminate startup problems with variable CH4 content (requires continuous CH4 measurement)

What do we offer?

  • Software engine simulation that allows us to accurately determine about 60 parameters of a future gas engine.
  • Your existing diesel engine or the one you want to buy we shaping to natural gas, biogas, wood gas, mining gas, according to the fuel you use.
  • Installation of complete gas engine control systems improved by us for engines.
  • Design and manufacture of gas-powered units (CHP, BHKW) with power output of 5-500kWe.
  • Upgrading of gas engines, gas engine units you own (operate).
  • Full control system replacement, optimization of gas engine operation with new control system.
  • Design and development of special engine-specigfic spark plugs

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